He folded his paper, consulting his watch.

This is it.


The ship is in Byzantium.

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I don't like seeing young girls with heavy makeup.

You're looking great.

Could you translate this sentence for me?

That book is available in only one store.

I bought a bicycle instead.

A present is winging its way over to you as I write.

Everyone gets what they deserve.


I was freaking out.

Her friends waited for her by the gate.

Would that have been hard?

I moved here yesterday.

The double helix that encodes our genome is an elegant structure.

The wedding cake didn't taste very good.

Tomorrow's my day off.

Show them your bruise.

Why did you say that to us?

On the whole, the Japanese are conservative.

Bring me that glass of milk.

Learn humility.

Dogs are territorial.


I'll loan you the money you want.

I have a nodding acquaintance with her.

Brian took out his cell phone so that he could take a selfie.

A sapper can only be wrong once.

And the tree was happy.

Japan can thus make a contribution in the fields of culture and education.

The experience gave him an advantage over the others.


Your wife is mad at you.


This table is wonky.

An owl sleeps by day and hunts by night.

We took her straight to the clinic as soon as she fainted.

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I know a shortcut.

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I'd like to make reservations for dinner tomorrow.

Men of genius are meteors destined to burn in order to illuminate their century.

You were afraid, weren't you?

Fresh vegetables are very expensive in the winter.

Everybody was waiting the same fate - death.

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To be fair, he's not self-centered.

It's what Tal wanted.

I was able to answer the question correctly.


I swam in the sea.


I just want to see her.

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I have a delivery for Rudolph.

Bertrand offered glasses of wine to John and Roderick.

He employed a new maid.


I'll go and get you something to drink.


It is not to be denied but that the news was a great shock to her.

Kee's prediction was correct.

Do we already have that text?

The forest is said to be haunted.

In fact, she lied.


I think they must be at least twice as long.

Now that you have made your decision, you must act.

A couple of swallows are flying overhead.

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I'll never forget to meet you.

A network of railroads soon spread over the entire country.

There are frequently earthquakes in Japan.


Seen from a distance, she's a beauty.

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Andreas raises her son as a single mother.

I learned English words by heart all day yesterday.

Each student has to hand in a composition every week.


Why would you want to hurt Takayuki?


I don't like the idea of leaving you at home by yourself.


I think you might need to make a decision.

The manager wants to improve the company's structuring.

Thank you for being honest.

I can't believe I'm stuck here in this room with you.

We'll consult them.

I'm not telling you to do this for me.

Hostilities ceased.

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I took his umbrella without meaning to.

He won a bronze medal.

Are you allergic to any plants?


I had nothing to do with that incident.


Sedovic has a lot of work to do before he can go home.

I'd like to be able to lend you some money, but I haven't got a brass razoo on me at the moment.

Actually, Blake is my boss.


When I saw you, I thought you were the most ugly thing I've ever seen in my life.


I haven't eaten anything all day, but I don't feel hungry.

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Her arm brushed against mine.


Beth is afraid of the dark because of her evil brother.

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Please shuffle the cards.

Is Sandeep on this ship?

Are you currently taking any medication?

She forgot about me in her anger.

What's your favorite kind of shellfish?

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How is your family name written?


Why didn't you tell me you were going to Boston?

Jochen replied that he'd be glad to go.

I have a life.

I've got long hair.

The famous conductor lives in New York.

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This is the doghouse that I made myself.

College students should study hard, but equally they should also make time for an active social life.

What flight were you on?

Please tell her we're here.

Robin shot at Lyndon, but he missed.


I have a date at three.

She's a child actor.

Trevor was extremely sick.


Thank you very much, doctor.

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This song reminds me of my junior high school days.

The room got very quiet.

I might be able to help you.

You can't expect any better from an idiot.

Give me the key.

This project will take at least a year to finish.

Could you teach me some Vietnamese phrases, please!

The room wasn't tidied by Rosa.

I saw the girl swimming in the river.

He descended to stealing.

He changed his countenance when he saw me.

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Where is the nearest pub?

The divorce felt like a liberation.

They have no deep convictions.

Spoiling an ending is a heinous crime against humanity.

There is nothing that God has judged good for us that He has not given us the means to accomplish, both in the natural and the moral world.

The more I try to forget about my ex-boyfriend, the more I think about him.

The rumor proved to be true.

He has become a memory.

You could be in real danger.


Might I ask your name?

At an Indian wedding at the Phillipine islands the bride retired from the company in order to go down to the river to wash her feet. As she was thus employed an alligator seized her.

I want us to be friends again.


She recognized him at once as the stranger in her dream.

Don't forget to take out the garbage.

I addressed a petition to the mayor.

Please keep this a secret.

"Now," he said to the lady, "all we want is a drop of the maiden's blood."

That's exactly what I expect.

My car's bigger than Lori's.

We are always exposed to some kind of danger.

She seemed very surprised when I told her about it.

This makes me think of you.

I would love to come with you all, but I don't have any money.

Marsh doesn't usually dress like that.

I reserve the right to be wrong.

Marco was accused of the sexual harassment of his female colleagues.

At first, I took him for your brother.

I'm going to prison.

She can't stop her.


We're just about ready to go.

Are you going to let this fried chicken go begging?

He was popular with voters.

She died a week later.

How did you learn that?


Don't forget your toothbrush.

His description approximated to the truth.

Kory thinks he's invincible.


I have no statistics.

I can't hide the fact from you.

That's not very close.

Did you tell her that?

I don't have much to lose.

Jared bought his son a car.

Miltos thinks that Charleen is dishonest.